Beaba Dry n Snack Food Dehydrator Homey Sweet Apple Rings

Ingredients : 
1pc apple
3pc cracker crumbs
Appropriate honey
Appropriate cinnamon powder

Steps to cook: 
1. Slice the apple to thin slices
2. Dry apple slices for 3 hours and pause
3. Crush cracker
4. Brush honey on apple chips
5. Dip crackers crumbs & cinnamon on apple chips
6. Dry for another 30mins

Overall -> It has the taste of "apple pie" but is relatively healthy + yummy and will not easily lead to obesity. No artificial additives. Sugar control 
Dry food can be stored for longer time. 
Less waste of fruits at home with unlimited creative cooking ideas (i.e. yogurt , dry seafood, nuts, veggie, jerkey meat, for kids, family, pets etc) 
Taste of France 
And this is cheftata's memory as she studied her cooking in France
  • Oct 12, 2021
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