Bottle feeding made easy!

Bottle feeding made easy!

If you’ve ever bottle fed a baby (whether with formula or breastmilk), you know it can actually be quite a process. That's where the NEW Bib Expresso comes in!

Ready in 30 seconds the Bib Expresso is the fastest bottle warmer on the market! 

Regardless the method in which a baby is fed, any parent knows that getting up multiple times a night to feed a crying baby can certainly be difficult. Fumbling around with heating bottles, measuring water, scooping formula, etc. in the middle of the night can really be quite the task especially when baby is hungry! 

The facts about the Bib’expresso 
Launched in France, the Bib’expresso prepares, heats, sterilizes and warms baby bottles and jars of food. It simplifies the process of bottle preparation with a patented, unique water flow system that reduces air bubbles and eliminates hot spots when mixing powdered formula. Includes compact and removable bain marie that can be used to heat food jars and prepared bottles of breast milk and formula. 

To prepare formula bottles, it heats up water in under a minute to the perfect temperature every single time. No hot spots like the microwave, no waiting for the kettle to boil and then cool while holding a screaming, hungry  baby! A quick, simple fill with water, one button touch and it’s done! 

Bib Expresso is not just for preparing formula. The top compartment can be used as a water bath (even removed) to heat up prepared bottles (including bottles of breastmilk) or baby food to the perfect temperature. Perfect for the mixed feeding mum!

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