Chicken, Potato & Carrot Puree

Chicken, Potato & Carrot Puree

This comforting stage 2 chicken, potato and carrot puree for baby is perfect for those winter months and early days before spring. It's both simple, quick and so delicious it will delight the taste buds of your little eater!

You will need:
✨ 110g of carrots
✨ 60g potato
✨ 20g chicken
✨ 1 knob of butter
✨ 1 pinch of cinnamon

Preparation :

✨ Peel, wash and cut the carrots and potatoes into about 1 cm dice.

✨ Also cut the chicken breast into small pieces.

✨ Then place everything in the steam basket.

✨ Add water to level 3 tank and start cooking.

✨ Place the cooked food in the mixer bowl with the butter and cinnamon and mix by adding some of the cooking juice until you obtain the desired consistency.

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