Cocoonababy Nest GOLD standard in baby sleep

Cocoonababy Nest GOLD standard in baby sleep

Celebrity favourite and Midwife Cath's recommendation for safe sleep Cocoonababy Nest wins GOLD for Favourite Baby Cot Product in the 2022 My Child Excellence Awards. Our amazing ergonomic cocoon baby nest reassures baby and help's them adapt smoothly to life after birth. The Cocoonababy improves the quality and length of time of your baby's sleep, minimises the risk of flat head syndrome, limits gastric reflux and reduces involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry. See why Zoe Foster Blake, Emma Hawkins and Magdalena Roze love the Cocoonababy Nest!

Read what real parents are saying about the Cocoonababy Nest:

"Bub had terrible reflux for the first month that she would choke falling asleep flat. I found it hard to sleep myself just worrying all night but I found the cocoonababy and it has helped her sleep much more comfortably."

"My Baby pretty much lived in this for the first few months of his life. You can take it anywhere!!! It’s comfortable for little ones. Also prevents flat head syndrome!!"

"I bought this product initially because others I follow on instagram use it. My partner was skeptical at first but now we swear by it. It works the way it was intended and bub seems to sleep better using it. Really great product."

"The Cocoonababy nest has to be one of the best things I’ve gotten for my baby! It’s so helpful for when she’s sleeping. She sleeps so perfectly in it !"

"I absolutely LOVE my Cocoonababy Nest, it is going to free up my hands and keep my baby safe and comfortable."

Give the gift of safe sleep to new parents and get them a Cocoonababy Nest! 

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