Healthy snacks the whole family can enjoy!

Healthy snacks the whole family can enjoy!

As both a nutritionist and a mother of three, I am big on helping my kids build a healthy relationship with food. Eating meals together and allowing our little ones to be involved in food preparation are just two great strategies and the Beaba Dry n Snack Food Dehydrator is the perfect kitchen appliance to help!

Operating at healthy low drying temperatures to preserve nutrients and vitamins of the dried ingredients, this compact, quiet, and stylish food dehydrator can make a wide range of healthy snacks that the whole family can enjoy. From dried fruits and vegetables, crisps, crackers, fruit straps and my favourite, fancy cocktail garnishes.

Whilst you can dehydrate foods in conventional ovens, many don’t operate at low enough temperatures nor with even drying results which if you have ever tried, can leave you feeling frustrated. The 3D airflow of the Beaba Dry n Snack ensures even and precise drying for optimal results with an adjustable temperature range from 35°C to 80°C.

It comes with four trays so there is plenty of room for drying, whilst being compact enough to sit on your kitchen bench during operation. These dried delights never last long with little (and big!) people around so there is ample room to maximise the snacks made.

My top 5 benefits of dehydrating foods are:

  1. One ingredient recipes! Dehydrating foods requires just one ingredient - the food you’re drying. Therefore not only is the food you are making 100% natural you also maintain the foods nutrients, minerals and fibre that can be lost during cooking and steaming preparation methods.


  1. Create portable, healthy, tasty & versatile snacks! From lunchboxes to road trips, picnics and park plays, dehydrated foods are lightweight, portable, and waste free! Drying foods also reduces food waste. Making fruit straps out of your over ripe fruit is a great way to use it up.


  1. Promote a healthy relationship with kids and food. Kids love it! They can be involved in the process from start to finish; from the selecting of foods to supervised slicing and dicing, through peaking through the wide see-through door to check the status of their snack. It can also peak their curiosity to try new foods and textures, as a nutritionist, exposure is key to adding foods to their ‘safe’ foods list. Many children don’t like soft fruit or vegetables, drying alters the texture which can assist in increasing exposure and therefore the micronutrients your kids consume as a part of their daily diet!


  1. Dehydrating will change the way you and your children look at foods. Simple fruits and vegetables can be transformed into delicious, healthy snacks and treats. Create more nourishing alternatives to processed, refined sugar snacks, the possibilities are endless! Show your kids how to make their own sultanas, improve their fine motor skills using supervised cutting in addition to helping develop food independence.


  1. It is easy! Dehydrating foods using the Beaba Dry n Snack is a no fuss, stress free, and efficient process. The digital display has a timer and automatic switch off so you can ‘set and forget’. The dehydrator is low maintenance and easy to clean, a fabulous bonus. The stainless steel trays can be handwashed or popped straight in the dishwasher whilst the inside can be wiped down as needed with a damp sponge.

Some ideas for using your Beaba Dry n Snack Food Dehydrator:

  • Dried fruits – any and everything, mango strips and kiwi fruit are a favourite in our house! Try mango, apple, kiwi fruit, pear, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and more.
  • Healthy vegetable chips – make delicious, crunchy potato chips. Try potato, sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, and broccoli.
  • Dehydrated fruit straps – a winner with the kids! Simply blend fruit (and even add some yogurt), spread on baking paper, dehydrate, and roll up.
  • Activated nuts – activate seeds and nuts that are great additions to a trail mix, homemade muesli or as yoghurt toppings.
  • Crackers and bases – great alternatives to bread & perfect for kids lunch boxes or on a platter when entertaining.
  • Cocktail garnishes – perfect for the adults! Citrus fruits and berries are a great addition to give any drink an instant fancy factor and a more cost effective method than pre-packaged garnishes.
  • Jerky - experiment with different meat varieties from beef, lamb, fish, and poultry.

The Beaba Dry n Snack is now a kitchen staple, one that the kids (and I!) genuinely get excited to use. Easy, healthy snacks for the whole family are sorted, easy as ABC 123!


Brooke Turner – Bio

Brooke Turner is a nutritionist, exercise scientist, PT & Mum of three. An international presenter, writer & educator with 12+ years experience in the health & fitness industry, Brooke is on mission is to educate & empower women & fitness professionals working with women on safe, effective, & enjoyable exercise throughout pregnancy & motherhood.

Brooke’s range of programs include her Exercise & Nutrition for Pregnancy, Returning to Exercise & Nutrition for PostNatal Recovery eBooks and 14 Day Fitness Challenge.



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