🥦Know what's in your baby's food!

🥦Know what's in your baby's food!

A recent study in Australia examined baby squeeze pouch products found that MOST squeeze pouch products for infants and toddlers in the Australian market were inappropriate for use as complementary foods. 

Alarmingly "only two were considered nutritonally adequete" and "most were micronutrient deficiant and energy dense & high in sugars". "The marketing messages and labelling on squeeze pouches are misleading and do not support WHO or Australian NHMRC recommendations for breastfeeding or appropriate introduction of complementary foods and labelling of products"

Cook at home and know what's in your baby's food! When you prepare homemade baby food with the Beaba Babycook, you have complete control over the ingredients that go into your baby's meals. Unlike store-bought baby food, which often contains preservatives, additives, and excessive sugar or salt, homemade baby food ensures that your child receives wholesome, organic, and fresh ingredients. You can select the finest produce, grains, and proteins, promoting your baby's growth and development while establishing healthy eating habits from the start.

The Beaba Babycook uses a unique steam cooking system that preserves the natural nutrients present in fruits, vegetables, and meats. By steaming the ingredients, rather than boiling or microwaving them, essential vitamins and minerals are retained, guaranteeing maximum nutritional value in every spoonful. As your baby's immune system and organs are still developing, these nutrients play a vital role in their overall health and well-being

Read more in the the study here

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