Salmon, Broccoli & Kale Puree

Homemade baby food in 15mins! Take control of what goes into your baby's belly. No additives, hidden ingredients or nasties!

This Salmon, Broccoli Kale Puree is as delicious, as it is colourful! Reap the benefits of these superfoods in under 15 minutes!

10grams fresh salmon
1/4 cup broccoli
1/4 cup kale


  • Place the salmon, broccoli and kale into the steam basket
  • Cook on water level 3 for 15 minutes
  • Once done, transfer salmon, broccoli and kale into the blending bowl
  • Blend to a smooth puree, adding in remaining cooking liquid if necessary

As always, consult your doctor before introducing new foods to baby

  • Mar 17, 2021
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