Say Bonjour to the Milkeo!

Say Bonjour to the Milkeo!
We are so excited to introduce the Milkeo! Our fully automatic baby formula milk machine! 
The Milkeo measures, dispenses and mix's water and powdered baby formula to the perfect temperature and consistency & FAST!
When baby is hungry you can prepare a bottle within seconds. Simply press the button and walk away, say goodbye to the days of fumbling around in the dark at night-time feeds trying to find the baby formula scoop, boiling the kettle too hot all while baby gets upset and demands to be fed.
Thanks to it's adjustable grill the Milkeo is compatable with all bottle sizes and most formula brands and types - you can check to see if your baby's formula is compatible here. The Beaba Milkeo goes one step futher and can even make you a cuppa thanks to the option to distribute hot water only.
With a self cleaning function this clever and time saving device will be loved by formula feeding families and mums with mutiplies! Long gone will be the time and stress of manually preparing baby's bottles!
 For a limited time you will receive a FREE Beaba Glass Baby Bottles with every Beaba® Milkeo. 
Afterpay available! 

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