Stay GREEN this Earth Day with Beaba!

Stay GREEN this Earth Day with Beaba!

Earth Day is the world's largest environmental movement. Head here for more info on doing your part to preserve our precious resources for our children and their future!

Here are our eco-friendly products! 

Babycook Neo

  • The materials used, notably the glass bowl, enable the reduction of CO2 emissions by 48%
  • Cooking optimization and mixing time reduce the necessary functioning energy by 45%
  • Modulation power cooking reduces energy and water for necessary functioning by 50%
  • The increased capacity of the steam basket prepares 33% more ingredients 

Glass Range - Our Glass Conservation Jars and Duralex Glass Meal Sets are long lasting, high resistance, durable and reusable material, happy meal time must-haves that accompany little ones’ growing journey for years

Silicone Range - Silicone portions, Silicone meal set, Silicone Spoons, Multiportions, Silicone Bibs!

  • Silicone is non-toxic for people, planet and oceans! Highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic
  • Silicone is made from silica found in sand, is much longer lasting than plastic in the environment

Happy Earth Day! 

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