Tip to avoid creating a fussy eater!

Tip to avoid creating a fussy eater!

Steps to avoid creating a picky eater!

Here are some helpful tricks to avoid having a fussy eater:

1. Variety is king! Change the flavour, temperature, and textures!

2. Try a little seasoning: Add a little garlic, turmeric, or cinnamon to your recipes to help gently expand your baby’s palate

3. Monkey see, monkey do! Kids are sponges so let them see you eating a well varied diet 

4. Be persistant: Just because they refused a new food or texture once, offer it again on another day. It takes trying a new food seven to nine times before you even know if you truly dislike it

5. Don't give in to toddler demands: We all have foods we love, be mindful to offer a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, and grains during the week. Include both their current favourites and some new choices

6. Get them involved in the shopping and cooking: Kids are more adventurous eaters when they help create what they are eating

7. Have fun with food! Get creative with your child, being playful with food names will make your child more excited to eat

8. Use tantrum proof suction meal sets just incase your tot decides to toss their plate! 

Happy eating!

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