Why you need a pregnancy pillow!

Why you need a pregnancy pillow!

So you've just found out that you're pregnant. Congratulations! As you know, it's going to be an exciting and busy nine months for you and your partner alike. Getting a good night's rest has never been more important. But there are certain things that you'll need to make life easier for you. A pregnancy pillow is one of them. Why is a pregnancy pillow important? A pregnancy pillow is a unique kind of pillow that is constructed with a great deal of versatility to accommodate all stages of your pregnancy, and all stages of motherhood as well.

  • Eases strain on your back, neck and arms during mealtimes
  • Comforts and supports baby
  • Gives baby easier access to your breast
  • Some models can long-term uses

How to choose a good breastfeeding pillow?

  • Length: Find a pillow that is long enough to covers the whole body is the most ideal as you may be in different positions when feeding, such as sitting on sofa, laying across on bed. Having a pillow long enough can support not only the baby, but also your arms and other body parts will be more comforting and handy.
  • Versatility. Some pillows can be used for so much more than nursing. Finding one that can be used from maternity to growing with your baby is definitely a plus. 
  • Material. Removable pillow covers that are machine-washable will make cleaning your nursing pillow much easier. Durable filling that doesn’t wear off or deform easily is also important, you are going to use it many times everyday.

Why Big Flopsy?

  • Extra-light, odorless and toxic-free micropearls filling that is adjustable to support in any position
  • 170cm long, one pillow does it all
  • Soft and breathable Oeko-tex standard removable pillow cover to clean and exchange
  • High quality and long lasting material that stays with mommy from pregnancy to baby feeding and more!


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