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Discover our range of Béaba baby accessories, specially designed for little ones from 12 to 24 months. Ergonomic cutlery, accessories to enjoy your outings, everything is designed to stimulate baby's curiosity and sensory development.

Accessories for toddlers 12-24 available online at the Béaba Official Store

In the second year of life, babies learn how to walk and eat on their own. To accompany them in their quest towards autonomy, we have designed several practical and safety-enhancing accessories that will help them grow at their own rhythm.

Dishes, cutlery and meal sets for toddlers 12-24 months 

At this age, babies have already mastered many fine motor skills. You can encourage them to grow even more with accessories specifically designed to help them learn to eat and drink on their own. At the Béaba official online baby gear store, you will find baby meal sets containing an unbreakable suction plate or bowl, easy-grip cutlery and training cups. Your baby will love eating independently like a big boy or big girl! 

The reusable baby food pouch for toddlers snack time, 12-24 months

When babies turn into toddlers and begin walking, and when they don't require a bottle every three hours, you can start going on new and different adventures. Take snack time anywhere with this reusable baby food pouch that you can fill with pureed baby food, yogurt, or a mixture of the two! This very simple and small accessory will become a must-have for outings with your baby.

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