Bottle Warmers and Preparers

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Beaba baby bottle warmers and baby bottle preparers

Baby's meal is ready faster with Beaba bottle warmers and preparers

Easy to use, Beaba bottle warmers are suitable for heating water as well as growth milk and breast milk. Some even heat the small baby food containers!

Bottle warmers so you never waste time

Are you young parents and does preparing baby meals still seems difficult? Preparing a bottle quickly is extremely simple with Béaba. When heating in the microwave, it's difficult to get the right temperature. Thanks to the new generation bottle warmer there is no risk of burning baby. The temperature is correct thanks to a high-precision timer. The heating time is 2 minutes for bottles and 5 minutes for small containers, no more! Thanks to these high-performance childcare products, baby's diet can be rich and varied. Warming up the bottle becomes a breeze.

Beaba baby bottle preparers: safe technology

Fitted with a protective cover, the bottle feeder is ideal for preparing baby meals safely. This device is multifunctional: you can sterilise bottles and teats and heat bottles and small containers. Easy to use when baby is in your arms, it can be operated with the simple touch of a finger. If you need to move, simply remove the heating container from its support and use it wherever you want. Easy to maintain, the preparer also has a self-cleaning function. Trust Béaba to choose the best for your baby! The Beaba steriliser and meal warmer is at the best price on the site