The Babycook®

Beaba Babycook® is a 4-in-1 baby food prep machine that can steam cook, blend, defrost, and reheat your baby’s food. Designed for one-handed ease of use, hold your baby with one arm while fixing their favorite foods with the other. Then walk away and voila! In 5-15 minutes, the smart design alerts you when the food is ready, because a busy mom or dad sometimes needs to multitask. 

Large Capacity 

The large capacity, easy to handle container of this baby food processor holds over 4.5 cups (1.1L) of fresh foods that cooks and purees in less than 15 minutes. Your imagination has no limit because foods go from raw to a perfectly cooked and pureed meal in less than a quarter of an hour. With the large canister, make up to 17 servings of baby’s favorite food, portion out into Beaba’s Multiportions Freezer Trays, and freeze for later use. Defrost and reheat in minutes right in the same container. Delicious and healthy fruits, vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, sauces and homemade soups are no match for the Babycook®.

How It Works

Save some of the raw ingredients from your family’s dinner and throw the small chunks into the large capacity steamer basket. Add water to the unit’s reservoir. Place the basket into the bowl, close the lid, and push the start button to begin steaming. 

Once the food is perfectly steamed, remove the basket of food using the included spatula as a pot holder, and place the chunks into the canister cup. Add some nutrient-rich water from the steamed food for a thinner puree, close the lid and pulse in five-second intervals until food is the desired consistency. Your baby’s meal went from raw to ready in less time than it takes to boil an egg. 

The Nutritious Choice

Babycook® is the best baby food maker available. It is safe and contains no BPA, phthalates or lead, and has a small footprint on your countertop. Buy one today and take your baby on a nutritious food journey that lasts a lifetime.


BÉABA® (pronounced bay-ah-buh) is known worldwide for its unique ability to create innovative products for the juvenile industry with a focus on design and technology. Since 1989, the company’s mission has been to listen to what parents want, ensuring that safety, functionality and ergonomics are at the forefront of every baby item created. 

BÉABA® feeding products are easily recognized for their beautiful, colorful design. All BÉABA® products are developed in France by a team of celebrated designers.

Beaba® designers

 Jean-Michel Chaudeurge

“What does my job as a designer mean to me? To blend purpose and seduction with imagination, all based on plans and drawings. BÉABA® has become THE reference in 1st stage child care products, and Babycook® is now the gold standard for steamer-cooker-blenders…what more could its author dream of for our 20 year anniversary.”

Amanda Corney

“The job of the designer: making products aesthetically pleasing, functional, ergonomic, clever, and so much more…”

Frédéric Bugnot

“Beautiful, Obvious, Clever: these are my ABC’s when I design for the BEABA® brand.”

Chedal Anglay

“Passing on an emotion through the highest quality products which will reinforce the link between children and their parents is our ambition when working with BÉABA®.”


“Conceiving products for BÉABA® give a designer the opportunity to fully express himself in a place where Innovation and Design are come forward to make the best products possible.”


Beaba® products

To promote the healthiest eating habits in children, BÉABA® has designed a range of cooking and feeding products with a full collection of complementary accessories. The groundbreaking Babycook®, the Original Baby Food Maker™, revolutionized traditional infant feeding by offering parents an easy, safe and well-designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and family. The patented system allows parents to steam, blend, warm and defrost tasty and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes.


For over 20 years, BÉABA® has created well designed products that help families live a healthier lifestyle. 

As a result of the continued success of Babycook®, BÉABA® is expanding into other categories in the juvenile industry to make busy parents’ lives easier.


Beaba® Australia

Beaba® products are imported in Australia by Bloom & Grow Australia Pty Ltd. The beaba.com.au website and online store is operated by Pacificare, a division of Cosimer Pty Ltd, under license from Beaba France.