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Babycook Smart - Charcoal

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NEW!  Babycook Smart®: the new connected baby food maker by Béaba

The food processor connected to baby's needs. A great revolution, the Babycook Smart® allows you to launch personalised recipes directly from the Béaba®&Moi application. Create healthy and varied meals for your baby without stress!

Béaba is revolutionizing your daily life as a parent with its new Babycook Smart steam cooker and mixer. Thanks to this baby food maker 2.0, you will prepare meals adapted to the age and specific needs of your baby. Set up your child's profile on the device and access a multitude of steam recipes to prepare healthy and varied small pots that evolve with your child.

The first connected baby steamer and mixer: the Babycook Smart®

The Babycook Smart® is a truly intelligent, new-generation baby food maker ! It allows you to prepare delicious homemade recipes for your baby based on the data you enter on the Babycook Smart app. A smart device that provides precious help for all parents and babies. If your baby has specific dietary needs: gluten intolerance, pork-free diet, intolerance to cow's milk proteins, you can enter this into your baby's profile to access suitable recipes. Béaba has found the solution for you: the Babycook Smart!

An integrated scale to weigh the right amount of ingredients

The Babycook Smart® differs from other models by its connectivity but also by its integrated scale. It is indeed essential to weigh the food in order to provide the baby with the right amount of proteins, vegetables and starches necessary for its growth. The Babycook Smart is a 4-in-1 device with which you can find recipes, weigh, steam and mix directly in the cooking bowl . Once your recipe is ready, all you have to do is transfer your soup or purée into a Béaba storage jar. Easily organise your daily life by programming your recipes and freezing your little baby meals.

Helps parents with nutritional diversification every day by suggesting step by step recipes, perfectly adapted to their baby’s needs

Good healthy meals, home-made, soft-steam cooked


  • The culinary expert connected to baby's needs: the smart and connected Babycook® that takes into account the specific nutritional needs and tastes of your child
  • 100% customizable meals: tailor-made menus, offered according to profile via the Béaba&moi application (age, nutritional needs, allergies, etc.)
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes: a touch screen guides parents step by step in preparing recipes with an integrated scale
  • Healthy cooking with gentle steam that preserves nutrients
  • High quality materials: large glass bowl (1250ml), tank and basket (1000mL) in stainless steel and Sabatier Diamant blade
  • On-board intelligence: guarantees optimized and tailor-made preparations: control of cooking times and mixing speed
  • Ultra innovative: integrated scale, A multitude of step-by-step recipes, Creation of shopping lists