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Stainless Steel Spout Bottle - Sage

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Beaba Stainless Steel Spout Bottle is a double-walled stainless steel bottle with a spout that enables your kids to learn how to drink directly from the bottle, without a teat or straw! Solid and equipped with a double wall for insulation, it is ideal for use on the go. It offers some light insulation, helping the beverage stay warm or cold for a little longer so that kids get to enjoy cool or warm drinks even when on the go. In addition, there is less temperature conduction to the surface of the bottle, making it more comfortable to handle for kids

  • Nomadic, easy to transport and use everywhere!
  • Last stage of learning: learn to drink directly from the neck
  • Easy opening: the flap of the bottle opens instantly by pressing the button on the front
  • Zero leaks: the ring folds down to lock the valve and avoid leaks
  • Adapted spout: the neck allows you to drink easily, like from a glass
  • Removable flexible handle: allows you to easily carry the bottle with one hand
  • Healthy and solid materials
  • Completely removable: easy to clean, hygienic
  • Maintenance: completely removable. Hand wash recommended