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Colour Essence Bundle - Mustard

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A set from the Suavinex Colour Essence collection , perfect for welcoming a newborn. The perfect set that fuses beauty and innovation.


  • 1 x Mustard 240ml All Silicone Baby Bottle with SX Pro Medium Flow Physiological silicone nipple, with anti-colic valve, for babies 3+ Months. This baby bottle features a soft and flexible silicone bottle, which provides a unique sensory experience.
  • 1 x Mustard Smoothie Ultra Light Silicone Dummy with SX Pro with Physiological teat 0-6 months. Made as a single piece of silicone and its angled handle means it does not get in the way when sleeping or leave marks on the baby’s face. The closest thing to not having a dummy!
  • 1 x  Mustard Silicone Dummy Holder. No more rummaging through your nappy bag trying to locate your baby’s dummy. Thanks to its unique handle, this case guarantees that dummies stay in place, keeping them clean and ready for use. In the same way, the handle design makes sure you can easily clip it onto your stroller, crib, or even pocket, making it a must-have for parents on the go.
  • 1 x Mustard Bobble Dummy Clip. Made of a single piece of silicone, for greater security. The dummy clip, which is attached to baby's clothes has a ring attached to which the dummy can be inserted to prevent it from falling to the ground, getting dirty or getting lost

Suavinex Colour Essense range offers a unique sensory experience. Photo-oxidation treatment that minimises adhesion of fluff and dirt particles to the bottle for greater hygiene. The milk/liquid does not come into contact with any plastic parts, only silicone. Ideal for parents who are concerned about microplastics.