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Suavinex Smoothie Ultra Light All Silicone Dummy - Blue

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Suavinex Smoothie soother with SX Pro Physiological Teat, made as a single piece of silicone. It's softness and flexibility and its angled handle mean it does not get in the way when sleeping or leave marks on the baby’s face.

The SX Pro Physiological teat is designed not to invade the oral cavity and provide the baby with the same sensation that they experiencess in their natural / physiological state when they do not have a dummy. The closest thing to not having a dummy!

Flat, symmetrical, recersible nipple means it does not matter which side the dummy is placed on and allows the mouth to close almost completely, leaving the tongue more space to rest

Ultra soft fine silicone with sandblasted finish that imitates the texture and shape of the maternal nipple to achieve maximum warmth and a super flexible movement that adapts the teat to the palatal cavity

Ideal dummy for sleeping, soft and flexible that does not leave marks on the baby's face

Inclinded ring that folds easily when resting the face against a surface so that it does not disturb when sleeping

Non-toxic photo-oxidation treatment minimizes the adhesion of lint and dirt particles to the dummy, without additives.

The Suavinex SX Pro Teat is Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SEOP)

Available in: 0-6 months and 6-18 months