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Suavinex Zero Zero Newborn Starter Set

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Zero Zero Newborn Starter Set with Anti-colic Silicone Bottle 180ml with Adaptable Flow + Zero Zero Soother Special Mini Size (-2·2m)

ANTI-COLIC BOTTLE with patented anti-colic pocket system. When the baby feeds, the pouch retracts as do the mammary glands. This helps prevent gas colic and reflux in the baby and prevents air from oxidizing the milk and destroying the nutrients it contains. Hygienic and easy to clean

BREASTFEEDING FLOW BOTTLE: flow adapting to the baby's suction, it lets more or less liquid pass depending on the force with which the baby suckles, as happens with the maternal nipple. Ideal to combine with breastfeeding. For breast milk and artificial milk. For a natural and colic-free breastfeeding

ULTRA SOFT TEAT. Minimizes breast-bottle confusion. The silicone teat closely resembles the mother's breast. Its soft texture, its inclination and its length help to minimize breast-bottle confusion

NEWBORN SOOTHER. Zero Zero Soother Special Mini Size (-2·2m) Specially adapted to low weight babies, even premature babies. Responds like never before to the needs of the newborn

SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Soother with ventilated design for less skin contact. With 100% medical grade silicone. Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested

RESPECT BREASTFEEDING. Thanks to its texture, color and shape, the pacifier respects the correct initiation of breastfeeding during the first days