Apple & Grape Puree

Apple & Grape Puree

This unlikely combination is as unique as it is delicious! Perfect for babies age 6-9 months, try out this apple and grape puree next time baby needs a sweet treat. This puree was made with the Babycook Express baby food maker. If you have another model, fill water reservoir to level 1.


  • 60 grams red seedless grapes
  • 85 grams red apple 


  1. Wash the apple, peel it, cut it in half, and remove the seeds. Cut into small pieces.
  2. Wash the black grapes, and remove the skin and seeds, if any.
  3. Put the grapes & apple in the steamer basket.
  4. Pour water into the steamer and start the express cooking process.
  5. Reserve the cooking juice.
  6. Put the contents of the basket in the bowl.
  7. Add some of the cooking juice depending on the desired texture. You'll want it super silky for stage 1 or go slightly chunkier for stage 2.
  8. Blend the contents of the bowl.

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