Defrosting in the Babycook

Defrosting in the Babycook

You know the Babycook makes healthy and delicious meals in less than 15 minutes but did you know you can also defrost food in the Babycook!

Why defrost in the Babycook? Using the microwave to defrost baby food can ceause hot spots posing a risk when feeding baby and can also deplete all the vitamins and minerals that were preserved during the cooking process!

Our glass conservation jars are prefect for storing homemade baby food made from heat and thermal shock resistant glass you can pop these directly into the Babycook to defrost! The clever lids can be used as a plate when feeding baby. Available in 150ml & 250ml and value packs

 Our Clip Portions and Tritan jars are also compatible for defrosting in the Babycook

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