Glass Baby Bottles: Why are they better for baby?

Glass Baby Bottles: Why are they better for baby?

Many years ago baby bottles made from glass were the norm, however with the introduction of the lighter and unbreakable pastic baby bottle, the humble glass bottle was tossed aside, until education and research showed the potential harmful effects of BPA and phthalates, commonly used in manufactoring baby bottles.

As Mum's we want only the best and safest for our babies so baby bottles made from glass and exempt from these nasty chemicals have become popular again! Glass is also a popular choice for baby food and breastmilk storage for the same reasons - check out our Conservation and Tritan Jars for the same reasons! 


  • Glass baby feeding bottles are easier to clean as glass does not discolour, fade or degrade nor does it harbour the smell of it's contents.
  • Glass bottles are easy to steralise and can withstand higher temps without the risk of them melting or distorting shape.
  • Glass baby bottles also prevent oxidation in breast milk and thus vital nutrients are preserved.
  • Glass baby bottles are completely chemical free. No BPA, Phthalate, PVC, or polycarbonate so you don't need to worry about these leaching into your babys milk.

Our Beaba Glass Bottles feature a wide, anti-impact base for greater stability and a 100% airtight leakproof lid. An air regulated silicone teat which facilitates feeding and helps to reduce colic and ergonomice shape makes it easier for baby and parents to grip. 

Why choose Beaba Glass Baby Bottles?

  • Highly resistant glass: heat and thermal shock resistant (heat, freeze, sterilise)
  • Ergonomic shape, for an easier grip by parents
  • Visible graduation marks for measuring
  • Easy to clean thanks to its wide neck and to its flanged base
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalates FREE

Available in a single bottle for $24.95 and a triple pack for $49.95

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