Multiportions v's Clip Containers?

Multiportions v's Clip Containers?

Multiportions or Clip Containers, which do you prefer to store your homemade baby food?

Let's do a breakdown:


✨⁠ great for meal prepping baby's food in one go⁠

✨ stores up to 6 servings on one tray⁠

✨⁠ easily pop out frozen food portions as needed⁠

✨ fridge, freezer, oven & dishwasher safe⁠ ⁠

Clip Containers⁠

✨ great for daily use such as storing baby friendly version of parent's food or taking it on the go⁠

✨ 100% airtight & easy to travel with⁠

✨ variety of sizes allow you store anything from purees to finger foods⁠

✨ stack & lock feature makes for easy organization⁠

✨ fridge, freezer & dishwasher safe⁠

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