NEW Limited Edition French Touch Neo!

NEW Limited Edition French Touch Neo!

A refined and sophisticated French colour pallet! This season, the Limited Edition Babycook Neo in French Touch is a standout, with it’s big colours and silver touches. Red, a lively colour full of personality, perfect for brightening up interiors and adding a warm, trendy touch. Classic Navy Blue a timeless shade that is elegant in its simplicity and will suit any kitchen! 

The Babycook Neo makes up to 1250 ml of food in a sleek, patented countertop appliance that steam cooks, blends and reheats/defrost all-in-one, in 15 minutes or less. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right in the Babycook Neo.

Babycook Neo's four settings eliminate the need for pots, a blender and a microwave so that making baby food is as simple as possible. Create everything from a fine pure to a chunkier pure and everything in between - the unique pulse-blend feature ensures that your baby is getting the correct consistency of baby food every step of the way. The patented steam cooking system turns off automatically, so you never have to worry about watching over the Babycook Neo or overcooking your baby's food.

Babycook Neo comes with a glass bowl and a stainless-steel steam basket. As a bonus, the newly designed reservoir is easily accessible for hassle-free cleaning!

Tip: Also use your Babycook after baby has grown to cook any purees or blend your sauces!

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