Suavinex Zero Zero Collection

Suavinex Zero Zero Collection

Designed and made in Spain to make bottle feeding feel as close to breast feeding as possible.

Zero Colic, Zero Nipple Confusion

Uniquely designed with a patented, medical-grade silicone bag nestled within the bottle’s body, an asymmetrical adaptive flow nipple and skin-tone inspired nipple shades, the Zerø.Zerø bottle was meticulously engineered to minimise colic, all while ensuring a seamless transition between breast and bottle feeding with the least amount of confusion.

Physiologically mimics the mammary glands during nursing

For a successful feed, traditional baby bottles necessitate anti-colic valves, specific positioning, making sure the nipple is only half-filled with milk or formula, and frequent burping. Our asymmetrical adjustable flow nipple empowers your baby to take charge of their milk delivery, replicating the natural breastfeeding process. No matter the bottle's angle, even when upside down, milk only flows when your baby sucks, mirroring the gentle pull of breastfeeding.

Meticulously engineered to minimise colic

Uniquely designed with an asymmetrical nipple and a patented, medical-grade silicone bag which collapses as your baby sucks, ensuring a feeding experience that most closely resembles natural breastfeeding while reducing the intake of unwanted air. This innovative design significantly minimizes the likelihood of colic and indigestion, making feeding time a more comfortable experience for your little one.

One seamless system

Consistency is key, and that is why the Zerø.Zerø™ bottle is designed with the same nipple shape, shade and feel as the Zerø.Zerø™ dummy, providing your baby with a consistent and comforting feeding experience. This means that your little one can easily switch between breast, bottle and pacifier with no confusion or discomfort.


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