Why are our Multiportions so clever?

Why are our Multiportions so clever?

Beaba® Multiportions are silicone freezer trays that are ideal for storing your homemade babyfood, breast milk and leftovers!

With two different sizes 90ml & 150ml you can quickly and easily pop out your desired portion and have it ready to serve in seconds.

All Mulitportions come with a snap on lid to prevent spills and freezer burn. Made from high quality, platinum food grade silicone, these stackable freezer trays can also go in the oven! Perfect to bake muffins and quiches for after school snacks.

You can even repurpose them and use as a movie night snack tray, freezing your fresh herbs, even a paint tray for tots! 


  • Ovensafe to 200°C
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free
  • Designed in France

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