Why you need a digital thermometer in your Baby First Aid Kit

Why you need a digital thermometer in your Baby First Aid Kit
Baby's get unwell and a thermometer is a must have in your parenting survival kit so you can accurately determine if your child has a temperature.
The most accurate and best way to check your baby's temperature is with a digital thermometer.


You might want to take your child’s temperature if your baby is:

  • unwell and feels warmer than usual
  • flushing on the skin
  • irritable and crying
  • more sleepy than usual
  • in pain
  • refusing to eat or drink
  • vomiting

The average body temperature for children is about 37°C. If your child’s temperature is higher than 38°C, they probably have a fever

The Beaba Infra-Red Thermometer gives you 3 options of measurement.You can take baby's temperature buy inserting in their ear, pointing at their forehead, you can even take the room temperature to determine if baby is warm enough. 

Baby's and especially toddlers are difficult to get them the co-operate when trying to take their temperature and with the Beaba Thermometer you can simply aim the tip at their forehead and get an accurate measurement ultra fast in one second!

Being non- contact it also makes it easier for you the parent to take their temperature while they are sleeping without disturbing them for peace of mind

With a back lit LCD screen and the colour code light asssist in the fast and easy interpretation of the temperature. There is also a warning beep when the child is running a fever.

Supplied with a storage case a thermometer is a must have in the home and when travelling.


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