Cocoonababy®: a comfortable, practical and ergonomic little nest that can abe used from baby's birth

The Cocoonababy® from Red Castle is a real nest for your little girl or boy. It reassures and helps baby to adapt gently to life after birth. While respecting the medical recommendation to put babies on their backs, the lying semi-fetal position of the Cocoonababy® nest allows babies who have lost their known bearings in their mother's womb to feel safe and well wrapped. This position has many advantages, particularly on the quality and duration of your baby's sleep. Discover in detail this flagship product on the childcare market, often imitated but never equaled!

What is the Cocoonababy® and what is its use?

 The Cocoonababy® is a nest-shaped baby mattress designed by a pediatric physiotherapist and health professionals. Like memory foam mattresses, the Cocoonababy® molds to your baby's shape and respects his physiology. This mattress has been proven in homes and hospitals around the world since 1995. 

Why use a Cocoonababy®?

The Cocoonababy® has several advantages which are more or less obvious depending on the babies. Indeed, all babies are different, some will therefore appreciate the enveloping side to let themselves go into a deep sleep, while others will like to stay awake to take advantage of this ergonomic position. The Cocoonababy® is also useful when you are on the move. It saves you, the first months, from carrying a travel cot. Finally, it can be used during your stay at the maternity ward.

Where is the Cocoonababy® placed?   

The Cocoonababy® is light and easy to transport. Thus, it can be used everywhere provided that certain safety instructions are followed. The Cocoonababy® can be put in a bed with bars, in an umbrella bed, a large deep cradle, on the floor on a carpet... The main thing is not to put baby on a table or a high place and not to never leave it unattended. Despite its belt that keeps baby in place, the Cocoonababy® is not intended for use in the car.

Up to what age can the Cocoonababy® be used?

The Cocoonababy® can be used from birth until the baby is 3 months old.

The characteristics of the Cocoonababy® from Red Castle

Dimensions of the Cocoonababy® L x W x H: 69 x 40 x 19 cm.

Cocoonababy® weight: 0.87 kg.

• Accessories included:

• 1 cotton jersey® fitted sheet 

• 1 belly band

• 1 waterproof protective cover

• 1 carrying bag

Cocoonababy®, baby safety and health 

How to properly use the Cocoonababy®? Can it also be used at night?

The first few months, newborns sleeps a lot. The mattress can therefore be used during the day but also at night for all the moments of sleep. The ergonomic position and the support belt ensure absolute comfort. Nevertheless, the places where baby sleeps should be varied regularly (carrying sling, baby carrier, arms, Cocoonababy® mattress, bed, etc.). 

How to cover baby in the Cocoonababy®?    

You can use the Cocoonacover - cover dedicated to the cocoon. 2 versions available: light and padded. These two blankets remain the safest for baby to sleep in because he is not likely to grab them and put them on his face. 

How to put on the Cocoonababy® belt?

The belt is positioned above baby's pajamas and/or sleeping bag. Then just tighten it, making sure you can fit two fingers between the belt and your baby (just like nappies!). 

Does Cocoonababy® cause a flat head?

No ! The Cocoonababy® even tends to reduce the risk of plagiocephaly thanks to its ergonomic structure. In reality, the "flat head" is caused by a prolonged position that does not allow baby the possibility of turning his head from right to left. This is why the misuse of the cozy is often singled out. In this context, baby's head is well wedged and cannot move freely. This is not the case with the Cocoonababy® which leaves baby free to move. There are therefore no more risks than with a traditional mattress. On the other hand, certain blockages in the baby's neck can also be the cause of the flat head. It is therefore better to monitor baby and consult a specialist if you see that he does not change his position on his own.

The Cocoonababy® and gastroesophageal reflux: a solution to relieve it

As the Cocoonababy® helps hold your baby in a curved semi-fetal position, it also helps relieve reflux. Indeed, one of the first tips given by pediatricians in case of GERD is to tilt the baby's mattress slightly. Other measures must nevertheless be put in place to relieve baby in the event of heavy reflux.

Cocoonababy®: the opinion of pediatricians

This ergonomic cushion was designed by early childhood professionals, including a neurobehavioural pediatrician and head of the neonatology department. Moreover, the Cocoonababy® has been proven to be particularly useful for premature babies, who need to feel even more contained. Of course, as with all childcare equipment (deckchairs, swings, play mats, etc.), the golden rule is to vary baby's positions to stimulate him and subsequently facilitate his future rest times in their bed.                   

The transition from baby cocoon to cot  

This is generally the fear of all parents in love with the Cocoonababy®! But rest assured, the transition is always very good. Indeed, at a certain age, baby feels the need to move, to roll... The mattress then simply becomes too small and he appreciates this new freedom offered by his bed. While some babies go straight from cocoon to bed, some need a little transition. You can then, if this is not already the case, put the Cocoonababy® in his bed and then gradually offer him fairly short rest periods in his bed. Setting up rituals will also help baby feel secure before going to sleep.

The different Cocoonababy® fitted sheets available

The mattress comes with a fitted sheet, but you can also buy it separately, which we highly recommend. With baby, small accidents happen so quickly! Find them on our online store in plain, white, pearl gray or with adorable pink, blue patterns...

You can also use the Cocoonacover - cover dedicated to the cocoon.

How to maintain the Cocoonababy®?

The fitted sheets, made of cotton from France, are particularly breathable and machine washable at 30°C. The mattress also has a protective cover 

The Cocoonababy®, the best baby shower gift idea!

Are you out of ideas for your baby registry? Are you looking for a baby shower gift idea for first time parents? The Cocoonababy® from Red Castle is the gift that is sure to please and be very useful!