Breastmilk Purees 🍼

Breastmilk Purees 🍼

Don't waste that liquid gold! Starting solids is an exciting time – you’re ready to introduce some solids into your baby’s diet and your wondering what you should you try first? Rice cereal and fruits are popular first foods for baby and to make the transition a little bit easier, start off with something familiar. The comforting and familiar taste of breast milk can help your baby adjust to all of these sensations and enjoy the flavour explosion not to mention packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals!

Best First PuréeAvocado and Breast Milk

Avocados are delicious, loaded with vitamins, and super easy to work with because there’s no cooking involved. Simply peel, mash, and feed! Start out with just a little bit of avocado and a lot of breast milk. Use a soft flexible spoon and offer small bites. Your baby only needs a tablespoon or two of food at each sitting, so freeze your leftovers and save for later.

What's your baby's favourite food? 



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