Dehydrated Baby Puree for Travel

Dehydrated Baby Puree for Travel


Wondering how to keep your home made baby food from spoiling when going out for the day or away on holiday? Dehydrating baby’s meals is an easier and safer way to travel PLUS, you know it’s still homemade! You can dehydrate purées, pasta dishes, risottos and soups.

It’s simple, long lasting and easy to do. Spread the food as thinly as possible onto baking paper on one of your Dry ‘n’ Snack wire trays. The thinner the mixture, the less dehydrating time.

Time and temperature does depend on what you are dehydrating so extend time and increase temperature as required. We recommend starting with a temperature of 60°C for 10 hours. Your food needs to be completely dry.

For purées & soups, pop these in the Babycook and blend to a powder. For ‘lumpier’ meals like pasta or risotto, break into small pieces rather than blending to a powder.

To rehydrate, simply add warm water and stir. Perfect for picnics, walks, camping and holidays!

Find out more about the Dry ‘n’ Snack here! 



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