Essential equipment for weaning

Essential equipment for weaning

As your baby approaches 6 months of age you’ll be wanting to think about how you’re going to wean i.e. introduce more solid foods to your milk-fed baby! Here are a few things that’ll want to pop in your shopping basket to get you started!

STEAMER & BLENDER IN ONE – This saves time, space and washing up. Steaming helps to preserve more nutrients such as water soluble vitamins (e.g. vitamin C from broccoli) as opposed to boiling, too. I love my Babycook from BEABA.

A high chair – We set up our highchair when our baby was around 5 months old and regularly popped him in it for a little play time to increase familiarity with this new surrounding. We gave him either a silicone cup, spoon or bowl to play with (strapped in and supervised) or filled the tray with his favourite toys (such as a teether).

Baby Cups – Giving your baby a small silicone cup to hold and play with can really help with improving hand to mouth coordination. When you do give water to your baby with a meal (from 6 months), start with a really small amount so it’s easier for them to hold.

Baby Bowls –  Silicone suction bowls are great as they can’t (easily) be pushed off the table! They can also make it easier for your baby to eat with as they can apply more pressure to the sides of the bowl to scoop up food without it moving.

Baby Spoons – You’ll need a few of these because (as I’ve learnt) they get thrown onto the floor! You may need 2-3 spoons at a meal time so that you can use one, and your baby can use the other one/two! Short handled spoons are the easiest for your baby to handle.

Bibs – Essential if you want to stand any chance of a clean babygrow at the end of it! Silicone bibs with a crumb catcher can be easily cleaned and wiped down ready for the next meal AND it can (possibly) save more food from dropping on the floor.

THERMAL MEAL BAG – Ideal for on the go to keep home-made hot lunches warm! Having meals out of the house can get your baby used to different eating environments too.


DRAINING RACK – This is so useful for bottles and spoons once you’ve done the washing up! Multi-compartment racks are perfect for keeping everything spaced out so they dry quicker and they look so much neater in your kitchen, too!

By Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Registered Dietitian @mummynutrition

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